5 Trusted Websites To Make Money Online (2018)

Money Online is something almost everyone wants to achieve in the internet industry.

Nowadays it’s common to see people trying to achieve success in the internet world.

There are people getting rich doing business online.

I personally, had a hard time believing that it would be possible to make money online.

There are so many methods you can use to make money online.

But it, depends on your business and expertise because it is a competitive area.


5 trusted websites for you to make money online



freelancer - money online

Is one of the well known trusted websites you can use to make money online.

Like other freelancer websites, you can make money online while earning experience.

To earn money, you must apply to projects and get hired by the projects owners. Some projects are payed after you finish the project, others by milestones you hit.

To attract people you can make some certifications to impress customers, depending on your skills.

For example, if you work with programming  you can make some certifications related to programming languages.

There some basic certifications you can do like ”Math and English”.

I have to say that it is difficult to start on freelancing websites because people want to hire experienced people. So, this plays into hands of people looking for freelancers.

You can be a good and experienced professional, but in the begging no one knows that.

Or maybe you’re starting your career, and you already have practice to successfully complete some projects.

One more time, no one knows that. And it doesn’t mean its impossible to get hired.



fiverr - money online

Another website you can try to get some money online.

Fiverr is an established website with a simple and easy interface to use.

It works a little bit different than freelancer. On Fiverr you can post the services you can provide and if someone need them, they just contact you, present the project and after the agreement they pay for the work.

Fiverr ensures that you get paid before you finish the job, this is good for the freelancers because some times people can get advantages when the payment comes after the job is done.

You can also get advantages delivering the job early or doing some extra work.

If you want to become a seller there is also some features showing the clients if the sellers are Top Rated, or by levels like Level One and Lever Two.

Make sure to work hard and become a Top Rated seller and start making some revenues selling your services.



upwork - money online

Find freelancers and freelance jobs on Upwork.

Of course you want to be a big freelancer, and Upwork helps freelancers to find work in different areas and start making money online.

Founded in 2003, this place is one of the largest online workplaces  to make money online and you can find many experienced and professional freelancers.

Before Upwork, it was Elance-oDesk which got rebranded in 2015.

With Upwork you run your own online business and choose your own clients and projects. They also search jobs for you based on you profile.

Just complete you profile and you can start receiving some clients invitations.

As others, you have the freedom to work on your ideal projects from anywhere.



toptal - money online

Many companies are facing problems everyday, and this is the place some of them go to find help from some hidden genius.

You can be the one they are looking for.

You can quickly get a project to make some money online  while you earn experience.

There are so many types of profiles there like Android, IOS, Java, Machine Learning, PHP, Phython, C++, Angular, Node.js and so many  other professionals in Toptal.

It is a good opportunity to make some money online while you earn experience.




Yes! WordPress.

I believe that you have heard about the word ”wordpress” before.

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS ”content management system” or based on PHP and MySQL.

This CMS powers 30% of the internet and the reason is because it’s very easy to setup. You just need a hosting plan and a domain to start using it.

I am not going to details about how to setup it for now. If you need to know the details, just tell me in the comment section and i’ll email you with the steps.

I am including wordpress because you can easily setup your personal business page and promote your services from social media or outsourcing your services online.

I don’t recommend using this method for beginners because it’s very hard to achieve success using this method on that stage.

If you are beginner start with the above sites.

If you’re Pro , you can go with this method and skyrocket your revenue.


Pros and Cons of freelancing

There are some Pros and Cons to consider doing freelancing.

Pros of freelancing

  • Freedom
  • Work on your pace
  • Flexible schedule, hours and location
  • Selectivity
  • Chase your passion projects


Cons of freelancing

  • Inconsistent Cash Flow
  • Isolaton
  • Many people to support
  • No Health benefits
  • No unemployment benefits


There so many other Pros and Cons doing freelancing, it’s up to you to choose your destination.

It’s hard to make money online and there are so many other ways to make some revenue online.

Some of them more easy then others, but as i said before, it depends on your industry.

It’s more easy for a Web Developer to make money online comparing to a carpenter.

Web Developers can work anywhere and anytime, and i believe the same thing can’t be done by a carpenter. I am not saying that a Web Developer or a Programmer make more money online than a carpenter.

I am just saying that it is more easy and flexible for a Web Developer or Programmer to make money online.

So, i have mentioned 5 trusted websites you can make money online while improving your expertise. It’s up to you to start doing some money and increase your revenue.

I recommend you to use a part of the money you earn to invest in some training so you can delivery more quality work to your customers.


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