What is a Web Framework?

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Web Framework is a software tool used to develop and run web applications, services, APIs and more.

A Web framework helps Web Developers to to go straight to the task.

It avoids headaches when developing applications from  the scratch.

Another advantage you have is that you avoid wasting time.

Imagine that you work as a freelancer on websites like  UpWork, Toptal or Freelancer.

Before the use of frameworks the projects could take too much time because the developers had to take more time to finish the job.

Thanks to the frameworks those times are gone.


Types of Web Framework

There are so many types of web framework in the web development world.

There are Server-side  frameworks and Client-side frameworks.

Server Side Web Framework

As you can imagine, Server-side frameworks are the frameworks working on the Server Side.

Users don’t have permissions to have direct interaction with the Server Side.


Below you have some Server Side Frameworks:


Express – is a fast, very flexible and minimalist web framework.

It works with Node.js ”Node js is a browserless environment for running JavaScript”.

It have a set of robust features to for development of Web and Mobile Apps.

Express is a good weapon for developers because is extremely popular, so you will probably find help easily when solve Web Development bugs.

JavaScript programmers have more advantage because Express and Node.js are based in JavaScript.

Express is a minimalist Web Framework with this feature it it’s capable to run fast because it doesn’t incorporate every component.

You have the freedom to choose independent libraries based on you needs.

in other words, you don’t have to load things you are not using in you app.

Those are features that make this framework a Ferrari when it comes to speed.

Sites like ”Uber, , Fox Sports, IBM are using this Server Side Framework.


Django – another fast Web Development tool you can use as your Server Side Web Framework.

Django is a Web Framework based on Python. It is an open-source framework, in other words it is free.

Django comes with everything included out of the box. It is very scalable and secure.

Sites like ”Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla are using this Server Side Framework.


Ruby on Rails – is a Web Framework based developed in Ruby programming language and is known as Rails.

Rails have some similarity with Django and it encourages developers to develop DRY ”Don’t repeat yourself” Apps as Express.

Rails include almost everything in the package, so you can start building fantastic Apps.

Sites like ”GitHub , Twitter, Shopify are using this Server Side Framework.


Client Side Web Framework

Client-side frameworks are the frameworks working on the User Side.

The users have the ability to interact with the front-end web page.


Below you have some Client Side Frameworks:

Angular – is a TypeScript-based web framework created by a team at google with some individuals and corporations.

Angular is a complete rewrite from the team that built AngularJS.

The good thing about Angular is that it help to build things fast and it is open-source.

You can see on the image below from freecodecamp by 2017:



Sites like ”Upwork , Freelancer, Udemy are using this Client Side Framework.


ReactJS – is a JavaScript Web Framework library for building user interfaces.

It is maintained by Facebook, a community of individual developers and corporations.

ReactJS is a good Web Framework for Web Developers because it makes the creation of interactive UIs painless.

As you can expect ReactJS was developed in JavaScript and it is a Cross-Platform.

Sites like ”Airbnb , Dropbox, Facebook are using this Client Side Framework.


Vue.js – is a JavaScript Web Framework for building user interfaces.

Vue.js is a Web Framework incrementally adoptable, which means that you can easily make integrations with other projects using different JavaScript Web Framework.

It is a JavaScript Cross-platform and its initial release was in 2014.

Sites like ”Laravel , Vuejs, Gitlab are using this Client Side Framework.


I hope you have understood about Web Frameworks.

If you still have a doubt please tell me in the comments section and i will do my best to help you.

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