5 Coding Secrets to Know Before Starting


Coding is the list of instructions given to a certain software to be executed on a computer in order to perform desired actions.

In other words coding is what makes possible to create things like apps and websites.

Imagine your computer without any app and a world without any website!


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Word, Excel or Powerpoint
  • Android
  • Even Google

The computer would simply remain sit there doing nothing, because a computer is a dumb without instructions.

If you need to start coding, you have to know some beginner secrets before start.


5 Coding Secrets for beginners


1- Slowly goes far

Avoid headaches, don’t go with to much haste for coding. Slowly goes far.

There are some recommended coding languages for beginners, and you must start from there.

Pick a great language for coding, if you don’t want to give up on the way.

People spend to much time for picking a coding language to start and i can understand that.

Some times is hard to decide where to start.


2- Coding languages for beginners

Start for the bottom.

Starting from the bottom doesn’t mean that you are starting from a language without interest.

It just means that you are starting from a language that it simple to understand than other’s.

Bellow you have some high-level coding languages for beginners to start.

  • Python – is a high-level object-oriented programming language for general-purpose. It was first released in 1991 and created by Guido Van Rossum. Ex: Instagram runs on Python.
  • Ruby – another high-level object-oriented programming language for general-purpose. Developed in the 90s by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ex: Airbnb runs on Ruby.
  • Javascript – One more high-level object-oriented programming language. First appeared in 1995 and developed by Brendan Eich. Ex:  NodeJs is a JavaScript runtime.


3- Practice

For me this is the most important part to learn something.

I usually say that, ”Effort to learn without practice is useless”.

You can read watch or do anything to learn something, but if you don’t put it in practice is useless.

To practice, you don’t need to start coding programs or games like Whatsapp, Instagram, Minecraft and so on.

Yes, you are coding using a high-level language.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to start learning to code with a high-level program.

In Python, writing something like:  ” print ‘Hello, world!’ ” . Is making a program to greet the world.

And you are starting with JavaScript, you can send an alert writing: ” alert(”Hello, world!”); ”.

What i mean with this, is that you don’t need to start with millions of code.

Writing 5, 10 programs with 10, 20 lines of code is a good start for any beginner.

You can start with these practice and i recommend to comment all the lines for future analysis.

From there you can start updating you code to bring new functionalities.

The goal is to start from a black editor and write a program that does something.

Also remember that you cannot learn to program without practice.


4- Don’t give up

Never give up. Instead, find a way to make it happen.

Giving up is for losers.

Sometimes Coding can be a nightmare for Beginners or even to Pro Coders.

While writing your programs, you may find problems.

Some of them are big problems and and some of them aren’t.

Just for you to imagine. You can face problems that can take minutes, hours, days or even weeks to solve.

Some of these problems happen because of one big mistake, while others do not.


5- Keep Learning


There are so many languages to learn.

Stop listening to people saying that the best language is XYZ.

For me the best language doesn’t exist. What exists is the language i feel more comfortable.

After you get practice with a language, you can start thinking about learning a new one.

Programming languages have some similarity and you will notice it.

You will notice that it’s more easy to learn other languages.

That’s because you already have practice with coding.

After leaning a language you can try to learn a new language or framework.


If you are interested to Web Development, you have to start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Later, you can shift a little bit more to a framework like Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django and so on.

There are so many frameworks out there.

If you are not interested in Web Development you can keep growing your expertise with other languages.

Languages like Java, Python, JavaScript are worth learning.

Then you can move to Databases like MySQL, MongoDB or Postgres.



You can use these coding secrets to start your career regardless of Web Development or App Development.

The difference is the language, tool or framework you may like to use during your progress.

Just break it down and move to the next level.

Here is a good place to start for free ”Code Academy”.


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