How to Create A Virtual Machine

VMWare Workstation

Virtualization is a technology that allows an operating system to run in an application on your computer.

There are many types of applications you can use to run an operating system inside your computer like:

With a Virtual machine you can run different operating systems like:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

For example: You can run a Linux machine inside a Windows or Mac OS.

This technology is very important to save money because it allows you to explore the resources for your servers or PC´s, instead of buying another machine for a small purpose like testing things (software’s) on different systems.

Download your Virtualization Software

First you need to choose your virtualization software. Commonly we use software´s like VirtualBox or one of the  VMWare Software´s (VMware Pro, Player, Fusion) and so on.

We are going to use VMWare Workstation on our example.

First download and install the software on your machine. “You can use the links above to download the software”

Note: You can download free software´s like VMWare Player if you want to follow along or you can download VirtualBox, the procedures are similar but i recommend VMWare Player (Free as VirtualBox) because we are using VMWare on the example.

Here you have more about an advanced virtualization technology from VMWare.

So, How to create a Virtual Machine?

  1. Open your VMWare and click, Create a New Virtual Machine. A Window will pop up with the option to make a Typical or Custom installation.
  2. Clink on Typical (recommended) so we can have our machine up and running without the need to mess with many things. ” On another post we can talk about the Custom (Advanced) installation.VMWare Workstation-Start
  3. Select the installer disc. You must have an ISO of the desired system if you want to avoid problems installing your Virtual Machine with scratched disks or  the need to carry with you CDs and External Disks.VMWare Workstation-install disc
  4. Click browse and select your ISO. “You can steel use your DVD Drive to install your Virtual Machine, just select Installer disc, your DVD Device and insert you OS DVD.VMWare Workstation-select ISO
  5. Select your version and fill in the fields. Don´t worry, you can insert the product key later and please note that the password you set here is going to be configured on the OS System.Virtual Machine- Info
  6. Select the desired disk size for your Virtual Machine and how it´s going to be stored on your computer. I am going to use the Split option so i can easily move my virtual machine since i am not going to increase the disk size. Just plan as needed.Virtual Machine- Disck Size
  7. Now you have a summary of the entire configuration. Click customize to change any configuration, example: allocated memory and click finish to create the Virtual Machine. Virtual Machine- Customize RAM
  8. The Virtual Machine will start automatically just continue with the normal installation as if you were on a physical computer.Virtual Machine- Starting

So, this is the process to install and configure a Virtual Machine on a computer  and you can use the same process when installing other systems.

Please read this article if you need more information about Virtualization Technology.




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