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GNS3 is a Graphical Network Simulator used to design and configure virtual networks and was first released in 2008 and developed by Jeremy Grossmann.

This softaware is a free and open-source emulator written in Python and you can find the source code on Github.

Github is a web based development platform.

Do not be confused with the ‘’Simulator’’ on the name, GNS3 in an emulator and not a simulator.

People may use the word ‘’Simulator’’ in a general thinking but it works as a ‘’Emulator’’.

On the Packet Tracer article I called your attention because Packet Tracer is a simulator while GNS is an emulator.

Why you need it

I have a good explanation here on this article.

But I can advance that you may need it to prepare some certifications like Cisco CCNA and so on.

How it works

GNS3 works the same way as Packet Tracer but there are many differences between them.

You may find Switches, Routers, Firewalls and much more networking devices for you to simulate networks.

GNS3 is so powerful that you can even connect a simulated network to a physical product.

For example: You can route a network between a logical device (GNS3) and a physical device.


Where to Find It

As I said GNS3 is free and open-source, so you can find it easily on different websites but it’s always safe to download on the official website.

Here is a link to the GNS3 download page.

GNS3 Requirements

Emulating requires resources and this software is not an exception. The requirements are growing to support the features.

Bellow you have the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements.

Minimum requirements

GNS3 Minimum Requirements

Recommended requirements

GNS3 Recommended requirements


Check out bellow some big companies using this software

GNS3 Software Trusted Companies

As you can see, this software is very popular and trusted software.


So, do you have any question about GNS? Please let me know on the comments section.



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