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Change Cisco Packet Tracer Icons |QUICK TIP|

Cisco Packet Tracer Icons

Changing Cisco Packet Tracer Icons

If you are here probably you know what it Cisco Packet Tracer.

But if you are here by accident I recommend you to check this link.

I have been working around and I realized that there are many people using the standard packet tracer icons.

I guess that many people out there doesn’t even know that they can change the icons.

Honestly I think they are a little ugly when you compare to GNS3 or Boson NetSim. I  know it doesn’t matter and you just need the network devices and the CLI to start practice.

But I think that a combination of design and workflow it’s pleasurable.


Downloading icons for Packet Tracer

One more time, I am assuming that you already have Cisco packet Tracer installed and logged on your computer.

So, what you need is to download the icons to replace the Cisco Packet Tracer icons.

You can download the icons from this link.


Changing the icons

First of all, copy all PNG files on the downloaded folder to a desirable path.

Open Cisco Packet Tracer on your computer or any of your projects.

If you don’t have a project yet, just create a new project and make your desirable design topology.

I already have a project and I am going to change the Server Icon, you may understand after seeing the difference.

Double click your chosen device.



Bellow the device you may see a button on the left saying “Customize Icon in Physical View” and on the right saying “Customize Icon in Logical View” click on the right button (Logical View) and browse to the saved folder.



There are more than 290 PNG files on that folder, choose the desirable icon to change it.

You may want to use search to save your time.

Just type Server on the search bar to change the Server Icon.

Don’t forget to save the project so you don’t lose the icons.


Tell me what you think on the comment section.

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