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Remove Shortcut Virus from Computer | Quick & Simple Tips


I think you heard before that computer virus are only removed through antivirus programs.

But, the one I am talking today is different (Shortcut Virus).

Shortcut virus most of the time comes in your computer with USB or SD card devices.

Sometimes you can plug your clean USB device on a shortcut virus infected computer. As a result, all your files become shortcut and some of them may be damaged.

Sometimes this virus makes your content invisible while your disk still full or with some used space.

The bad thing is that most of the antivirus software’s can’t remove or even detect the shortcut virus and has a solution most of the time people who don’t know to work around to remove this virus, they just perform a format as a solution.

There are many solutions on the internet you can use like a software called “Shortcut Virus Remover” to remove the shortcut virus, but I will show you the fastest method I found.


This is a free Antivirus Software you can use to remove the shortcut virus.

This software is really a fast solution to remove the shortcut virus.

I have been using it for some time without any problem to remove the shortcut virus.

Where to Download

You can download this software from this link.

Yes, it is so small.

How it Works

Very simple.

Just plug your USB device and wallah.

Yes, it is so simple.

After downloading and install the software from the above link, just plug your USB or SD Card device on your computer.

Make sure to use that link so you can download the updated version.

Smadav automatically scan and delete the shortcut virus from your devices.

This antivirus software is available in Pro version for a very low price and an incredible life time license for only 4$. Check if you need the pro version and buy if you want.

I don’t recommend using this antivirus as your main antivirus software, for now, I just use it to remove shortcut virus.

If you need more protection features like internet protection or others you can use antivirus like Kaspersky, Bitdefender and more.

I hope this simple article help you to remove shortcut virus and clean your device.

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Do have a different and fast solution? Please tell us on the comments bellow.



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