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How to Clean up Your Computer | Works Quickly | Complete Free

cleanup your computer

There are many ways to cleanup your computer and I will show you 3 software’s you can use.

First of all, am writing this post to help people who have been reading this article.

Technology has grown and continues to grow every day.

Nowadays we have faster computers available, with faster processors powering our computers to be stronger and stronger.

But sometimes our computer become unresponsive and slow and we start getting frustrated with our computer.

It’s strange when we see a computer with a core i3/i5 processor lagging to open or even close a simple word document, but still happening.

Since computers are machines, they only do what you tell them to do.

What I am saying above is that computers need maintenance to work properly but few people do maintenance on their computer.

Most of the time people start doing computer maintenance when they start to have problems.

It’s like buying a car and only change the oil when it starts showing problems.

There are many reasons for your computer to become slow and you can only avoid that doing maintenance.

You can easily cleanup your computer to avoid lagging problems.


Downloading free software’s

There are free and paid cleaning software’s available across the internet.


This is a free open-source software you can use to cleanup your computer.

I will mention what you can do with this software, please check also the 2 options you have.

Since BleachBit is an open-source software, you can expect regular updates.

Another thing is that this software is a cross-platform, so, you can install on Linux, Windows and Mac computers.

First you have to download the software from this link.

I’ve downloaded the portable version (installation is not required, just run it).

See the red markings

Step 1 – (double click on the highlighted file to run).



Step 2 – (Select the files you need to clean and click Clean).


Step 3 – (Now click Delete to confirm).



Note: Don’t run this software with other programs opened. (See the image below)




With this software you can also cleanup your computer and solve some issues.

This software has paid and free versions.

The disadvantage in relation to BleachBit is that CCleaner only works for Windows and Mac’s.

Here is the CCleaner download page.

Step 1 – (double click on the downloaded file and click install).



Step 2 – (After installation click Run CCleaner).



Step 3 – (Now click on the highlighted button to Analyse the system).



Step 4 – (Lastly, click Run Cleaner to start the cleaning process).



Probably the fast solution for windows users, Disk Cleanup is a good software pre-installed on Windows Machines.

This software can get the job done with some easy steps.

If you have a Windows Machine, you probably have this software pre-installed.

You can save time with this one because you don’t need to download or install any software, just search for it and run to cleanup your computer.


Step 1 – (Search for Disc Cleanup and run it).



Step 2 – (Select the drive you want to clean,”most of the time is C“).



Step 3 – (Select the files you need to clean and click OK).



Step 4 – (Click Delete to confirm.).


Note:  These processes may delete “web saved passwords” so pay attention when selecting the files to delete.


What do you think about these software? Tell me the one you use on the comments section.


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