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Tips to Find a Computer Technician

broken computer

Today I am going to show you how to find a Computer Technician to fix your PC or to solve on your own, problems on your computer.

The process will be the same, doesn’t matter if is a PC from Small Business Companies or a Home Computer.

There are many ways you can find a solution if you’re the kind of people who don’t know where or how to start.


First, don’t get panic

I know that sometimes our computer can stop working in a weird moment, like when you are traveling with your laptop or many other situations which you really need your computer working.

Panic, can be our big enemy on that moment because it can take us to make bad decisions and probably lose the computer. (I am not trying to scare you)

I know that moment when you scare to lose you data which is so important to you and you don’t have ideas like “where to begin”.


The bad decision can be your saver. “TRY TO REPAIR YOURSELF”

Trying to repair yourself can be the worst thing to do on that moment, but, it can help you to save money and time.

Many people have that misconceptions about computers which leads them to think that repairing computers is just for a Computer Technician and the only way to fix it, is taking the PC to Computer Service Companies.

But, sometimes the prang can be simple enough for you to fix it.


On Running Computer


The simplest think to do when we have a computer problem is to restart it.

Sometimes the computer gets slow and it’s difficult to properly restart the computer.

When I say properly restart I am assuming that you are following the rules depending on your computer system, example: Start, Power and Restart on Windows Machine.

If you are on Windows, you can even try the following commands: Alt + Ctrl + Del/Delete.


Force Shutdown

If you can’t restart properly you may have a more aggressive option that is to force shutdown pressing the Power Button for some seconds until it completely turns off and then turn on again and see what happens.

Note: in some cases, using that method can force your computer to repair the system files.

I am not saying that you have to force shutdown for the computer to enter in “repair mode”. Remember that the first thing you have to do is to try a “Restart”.


Run a Cleanup Software

Here is another option you have.

The is software’s you can use to solve your computer problem and the best thing is that they can solve it for free.

I will bring you 3 free options for the most used Operating System platforms.


CCleaner – Free and Paid Version

This is one of the software’s you can use to solve your computer problem and you can use the free version. Download on this link.

It can help to speed up your PC deleting system dumb files (temporary files) that ate just staying on your computer.

It also deletes Cookies and cleans the Cache memory.

For now, this works for Windows and Mac computer’s.

Note:  This process can delete “saved passwords” so pay attention when selecting the files, you need to get away off.


BleachBit – Free

This is another option to help you and has you can see it’s also free. Download on this link.

This Software is an open-source solution and it’s works well.

The good thing about open-source solutions is that they are always updated and one more time it’s free.

It will also do the something and even more without the need of a Pro Version like on CCleaner.

This one it’s a cross-platform it works for Windows, Mac and Linux computer’s.

One more time “This process can delete “saved passwords” so pay attention when selecting the files, you need to get away off.”


Disk Cleanup

This last one is for Windows user’s.

It does the basic thing we need for now and it can save you time because you don’t have to install it and it’s suitable for people who don’t want to work around on the internet downloading software’s and play with the installing process.

To easily find it you can go to Start and on the search bar type in Disc Cleanup or you can do the following combination on your keyboard: Windows + R, to do that just press and hold Windows button and then click R button, a small box on the bottom left corner should pop-up. Just type: cleanmgr.exe and hit Enter button.

After that leave or change to the “C” drive and click OK, then pay attention and select the options and click OK. It will ask you to confirm deletion, make sure it’s about the selected options and confirm.

Note: “While running one of those 3 options, it’s normal that you see a large space that will be released after the process for example 11GB. This is normal in some situations where our computer may have stayed for a long time without any maintenance.

So don’t be scared about your personal files they won’t get deleted. You can backup them before any process if you can.”

Please see this post for more STEP BY STEP with the above software’s.

Run an Antivirus Software and Scan your Computer

Running an Antivirus Software can be your solution, sometimes we can have a hidden malware, viruses on our computer end they can be the cause for the slow running PC, frozen windows, error messages and more.

Nowadays having an Antivirus Software is Crucial, there are many infections out there that we can grab from different ways. “Unfortunately I am not going to mentions them now, but I will in another occasion.”

Try to full scan your computer with your antivirus so it can search and delete virus on your laptop or desktop.

So what if I don’t have one?

For windows user’s that don’t have one, they can use the built in antivirus called Windows Defender.

Another option is to buy one.

There are many Antiviruses you can buy to your computer.

Check this for an updated article about best antivirus to use in 2017 on techradar including their prices.

 And, you can still have a free Antivirus

Check this for an updated article about best free antivirus to use in 2017 on techradar.


So what if my computer looks dead?

I know that at this point you may be in panic, but has I said, stay calm and don’t make rash decisions.

I know your computer looks dead but even on that moment you can still fix it with some easy steps.


Desktop Computers

If you have a desktop computer, please check if the power cable behind your computer is properly connected on the power supply.

If it’s not properly connected, try to certify that the cable is tight to the power supply and make sure that you have power on your socket.

Sometimes your computer can turn on but your monitor not, so make sure you have all the cables tight on the bottom or back of the monitor and your PC.


Laptop Computers

If you have a laptop computer, please make sure you have a working charger and power on you socket.

Laptop computer have light indicators, find them and connect your charger to your laptop, after that check if one of the light turns on. If yes, try to power on.

Make sure your power cord is properly connected to the laptop charger and from the charger to the laptop.

Notes: “Please, just try to do only what I have mentioned above.

Don’t try to open your computer trying to be a super Geek and put your personal data in danger.”


For now, I have shown you procedures that you can perform safely before you send your computer to IT Service Companies or before you call an IT Consultant looking for support.


So, what to do if you didn’t find a solution to repair your computer?

If you did all the above steps without success don’t worry, you still have chances to repair your computer even away from home. (Yes away, that’s it.)

Many people can have some stress when they have those type of problem away from home, because sometimes you can be on places that you don’t know anyone and worst, you don’t even know where to get help.

So let’s get back finding a solution.

I am assuming that you have done all the above steps I’ve recommended.

If none of them didn’t work, we can still find solutions alone but now you are going to hire someone to do it for you.

I know maybe you are getting confusing now but I will explain it to you.


Try to find a Computer Technician help locally

For example, if you are hosted on a Hotel, you can ask for their IT Support. “With some luck you will not get charged for that”. If not,

Hire a Computer Technician Online


Yes, that’s it.

You have many options online to solve your problem and I will show you few secure online services.

Use your smartphone or take some money and ask for place which provides Internet access to the public. After that, just browse to the websites below.


This is one of the biggest online network to hire people from entry to expert level professionals.


This is another big online network to find a Computer Technician help and you can have assistance for a low budget since it’s so competitive.


Toptal, another big network with professional free lancer’s and you can find assistance from entry to expert level.

If you need more options, you click on this link to find more options and more detailed information.


How it works?

On those networks you can expect to find professionals to help you online and other professionals can even come to your actual location and assist you.

The process is simple.

Normally you post the problem and they start bidding for the job.

And you can make the payment after the job is done.

But, you have to make some analysis before you hire someone.


Search for professionals with the skills you need.

For example, if have a problem with a computer, you probably have to look for a Computer Technician and if you have a problem making a software you are probably looking for a Programmer or a Software Engineer.


Check the bidder history and feedback

You have to make sure that the person you choose have skills, and if you are not sure, this is one of the best ways.

Check the history and carefully the feedback from the client he has working with.


Talk to the bidder

Before you hire someone, try to call the chosen professional using Skype or any other platform.


Establish a good working relationship

If you think the freelancer feet your needs, now it’s time to hire.

After hiring a freelancer, try to establish a good working relationship.

Establishing a good relationship with the freelancer not only makes you to feel comfortably but the professional too, “He needs to work like he’s your friend”.

Make questions, clear doubts or other things related to the work.

Note: “If you hire a freelancer to your home or another private space, make sure it’s secure. I am not saying that it’s dangerous to hire someone online to work on our home or company, but it’s always better to stay safe because we are going to work with someone we don’t know. You can ask for someone’s company if possible.”


Watch the Computer Technician during the work

If you hire a freelancer to your home, I highly recommend you to stay with the freelancer during the process.

You can watch him and see what is he doing, sometimes we have a small problem and we can learn something on that time.

Another thing is that you have to make sure your data is safe and will not get copied. One more time, I am not saying freelancers do that, but on that moment it’s no easy to trust our data for someone we are still getting to know. “Do not get me wrong, freelancers.”



After the freelancer finish the job, make sure it’s all working before he leaves your house.

Make some tests with him, shutdown, restart and do other tests depending on your issue.

Take notes, ask him for tips and more.

He will not give the tricks but keep the minimum of information possible for first aid according to the problem related.


Note: “It’s not safe to make payments out of the freelancer’s network platform even if he comes to your home or company.

Please, hire from there and pay from there.

And if you are really satisfied, leave a feedback for the freelancer so you can help future clients.”


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